What goes up, Might come down...

S2 Episode 5: The teams that were once undefeated and Super Bowl bound are rebounding from a loss.


Here's what we know after 4 weeks...

S2 Episode 4: After 4 weeks of the 2019 NFL Season here's what we know...


Who needs a QB?

S2 Episode 3: Multiple Quarterbacks have gone down after just 2 weeks of play. Briana Bette shares her thoughts on the Quarterbacks around the league.


32 teams ...1 goal

S2 Episode 2: Briana Bette breaks down all the NFL teams and things to look for starting the 2019 season. 


Football is Back

S2 Episode 1: Bigger and Better Podcast is back for Season 2! There's drama in Dallas and high expectations in Philly. 


Super Bowl LIII

Episode 14: Goodbye 2018 season and Hello 2019 season!

Did you miss me?

Episode 13: Did you miss me? I'm back and so are the Dallas Cowboys.

The Boyz are back!

Episode 12: The Boyz are back! Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers strike again.

Who wins the NFC East?

Episode 11: Who wins the battle for the NFC East?

Is your team even good?

Episode 10: Which teams are performing above the rest. Rams, Chiefs, and who else?

Kicking Woes

Episode 9: Kicking woes take over the NFL. Cowboys defeat the Giants. Browns keep on Browning. Fitzmagic is in the air.

The Season is here

Episode 8: The Season is here! Briana talks Browns vs Steelers tie; as well as Giants, Cowboys, Raiders, and Saints loss. 

Season Predictions

Episode 7: Briana Bette shares her 2018 season predictions!

Preseason Week 3


Episode 6: Should the Jets trade Teddy Bridgewater to the Giants? As the Patriots Wide Receivers dwindle, is it clear that Dez Bryant may be a good fit?

Preseason Week 2

Episode 5: Week 2 of Preseason is in the books. Jalen Ramsey's quarterback comments ...genius or unnecessary? 

Hard Knocks and Preseason

Episode 4: Guest host, Rhonda Lynn joins Briana Bette to chat about Hard Knocks first episode with the Cleveland Browns and the first NFL preseason game.

Training Camp Week 2

Episode 3: It's the second week of training camp. Listen as we review the Baltimore Ravens vs Chicago Bears HOF football game. Jon Gruden has a lot to say about his wide receiver and the most recent Carson Wentz injury update.  

Quarterback Changes

Episode 2: Many quarterback changes are happening throughout the league. Briana Bette breaks down the changes and new faces for this position in the 2018 season.

Training Camp Week 1

Episode 1: Training Camp has begun and so has the Bigger & Better Podcast. This episode celebrates the first week of all 32 NFL teams putting on pads before starting the 2018 football season.